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TV Presenter & Voiceover Artist


'There are 3 key rules within the TV/Media Industry we talk about: 1. Know your craft, 2. Be on time, 3. Be likeable.. Alastair is far beyond these points.

We have worked on numerous of broadcast projects, where he is outstanding in his research, scripts writing, production meetings making the job of the crew easier as well as adopting the role of a co-producer. He interfaces with clients and partners superbly. I can't praise Alastair enough as viewers, crew-members & clients have become fans of his work, rather than the guests or topics. He adds a great deal of production value to all my shows, be it Health Shows, Live surgeries Live/pre-corded and international trips where he took the role of a 'presenter journey in Africa in form of a video dairy. Alastair is one person in my career who I have had the best working relationship with as he had better my professionalism through his contagious persona.' - Faiza Rehman, Producer & Director ICTV


'Alastair provided a voice over for one of our Inforgraphic products. After clarifying a few details with us, he promptly recorded 3 variations of the script in his own studio and delivered a suitable take for us within 24 hrs. A highly professional individual, who we hope to hire again in the future.' 

- Gary Carse, Carse & Waterman Productions


'I have been working with Alastair in The Telegraph Studio on numerous productions. Alastair, as a presenter and journalist interviewing industry leaders in the most different sectors, has done an outstanding job. His performance is elegant, he has a natural sense for running dynamic conversations and arrives to the studio prepared. Alastair spends plenty of time in research and stands in front of the camera with in-depth understanding of the topics under discussion.
He is also a great asset in preparing our interviewees and clients, bringing his public speech educator experience to support our pre-production.' 

- Andras Rac. Producer & Director, Business Reporter.


'Where do I start with Alastair? I have directed him each week since March 2012 and he is always a joy to work with. He brings wit and charm to every shoot and always works hard without ever clock watching.  If you're looking for a naturally warm, adaptable and broadly experienced presenter then he is your man.' - Tom Sykes. Producer & Director, solo16.


'Alastair has presented numerous videos produced for The National Self Build & Renovation Centre (NSBRC), that are featured both here at the Centre and on our web site. I can always be confident that his work will be well-researched, professional, engaging and informative - particularly to a consumer audience. He always shows a genuine interest in the subject matter, and an attention to detail that ensures his material is accurate and current. I have no hesitation in recommending Alastair as a great presenter, and person to work with.'  - David Murphy, General Manager NSBRC.


'I’ve worked with Alastair for 10 years on 4 continents. No matter where he’s on camera, from the Great Wall of China covered in winter ice to a humid forest with leaches crawling on him, he’s a pleasure to work with. I’ve seen him thrown him into last minute situations that most on camera presenters would have choked on but not Alastair. He’s always ready with new ideas for dealing with challenging situations and understands the issues that producers, directors and crew have to deal with in order to get the right shot when things get tough. Aside from being a great presenter, he’s also quite the Renaissance man. Having traveled around the world several times, I don’t think there’s any food or drink he hasn’t tried and no matter how “interesting” the taste might be, he always keeps smiling. He has an incredible appetite for learning. During meal breaks it’s not uncommon to see Alastair sitting on a curb talking to local villagers and of course sharing their favorite beverage.' - Bill Elliot, Director of Photography, Elliot Productions. 


'As a presenter, Alastair is a one-take wonder -- someone who gets it right the first time. He is at ease while interacting with people, an enviable quality which transfers to his friendly on-camera presence. He's refined, but approachable. I've worked with Alastair many, many times -- his delivery is impeccable and consistent. I recommend Alastair without hesitation!' Eric Allen, Eric Allen Productions.


'Alastair has worked as a presenter for us before on a number of occasions for high profile clients, and has always delivered a polished and professional result. He's very natural on camera and always a pleasure to work with. What's especially great about Alastair is that he always brings great ideas to the table and bags of personality. I would wholeheartedly recommend his work - you will not be disappointed!' - Steven Milton, Director of Television, Spectrecom Films.


Master of Ceremonies, Event Host, Moderator.

'Alastair is an extremely talented performer/presenter, and an absolute pleasure to work with. I was impressed by every aspect of his work, from his reliability to his polished and professional delivery to his positive and infectious enthusiasm. Alastair emceed the theatrical world premiere of our film in London where he brought such a great energy to the event that I couldn't have imagined having a better host. His skills as a presenter and his warm and witty charm are outstanding. Anyone who has the good fortune of working with Alastair is certain to be thrilled with the results. I would love to work with him again and hope to have the opportunity to do so before long. I highly recommend him.' Paul Stark, Stark Productions.

'Alastair has worked with us on a number of events as an MC, host and speaker. He is the consummate professional in his preparation and delivery. Our clients have all been very impressed with his work and attention to detail. I have no hesitation in recommending him for any event of any size in any venue.' - Beverley Williams, The Production Suite 

'Alastair is the consummate professional MC. He has a wealth of experience, and is a steadying hand and reliable MC for any type of event. He has humour, professionalism and a talent to make everyone else the star of the show while making sure everything runs as smoothly as silk. I recommend him unreservedly.'  - Alan Stevens, Reputation Management Specialist.


'Alastair's greatest skill is his ability to pick up a brief very quickly, and presenting as if he had deep and long-standing expertise. He works very well with a wide range of people, reassuring and encouraging the unsure, and helping to smooth the whole event.'  - Elizabeth Mills, Homeshare International.

'Alastair was the Master of Ceremonies for our annual dinner at the Grosvenor House Hotel in London, and did a great job keeping a slightly unruly audience of over 1,100 people entertained.  His preparation before the event was thorough and completely fulfilled the brief we had given him; he was flexible on the night, and happy to help in any way he could.  It was our first attempt at fund-raising for a charity during the dinner - Alastair pitched the drive for donations perfectly and helped us raise a significant amount of money.  In between stints on stage he even had time to keep conversation flowing at our VIP table!  He made my job as event manager easy as he was utterly reliable and needed very little input after our initial briefing.  Alastair was the structure that pulled all our plans into a cohesive whole on the night, so have already booked him for next year!'

Anna Trant  - Event & Marketing Manager - International Bunker Industry Association.

'Alastair made such a good impression last year at our Christmas corporate event, that the organisers asked for him personally again this year! Great news for us as it just makes our job so easy. He's a great guy, reliable and highly experienced at his job, leaving both the client and us able to relax and enjoy the evening. I would thoroughly recommend Alastair Greener to be the Master of ceremonies at any event.' - Abbie Murphy - iHeart Management.

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